MARK FISHLOCK : Site Technical Advisor
HIGH-RISE Fire Fighting
  Developing better responses to fires in tower bocks and high-rise buildings.


About the site's Technical Advisor:



Mark Fishlock is a recently retired, Whole-time Fire-fighter based in Kent UK, with over 30 years of operational experience (24 of which as Junior Officer)

  He is a highly motivated operational tactician with specific interests in High-rise fire-fighting, Premise Risk Management (SSRI) and Pre-planned Tactical Guidance.

His extensive research and works on developing response to High-rise fires (following 2 serious, fatal incidents in 2001) have been used and referenced across the UK.


He was seconded the the Fire Service College, to work on the High rise fire fighting element of the UK Buildings Disaster Assessment Group (BDAG) Project 2003.


Following a UK wide review of FRS procedures by the Health and Safety executive  (generated by the enquiry into the tragic Harrow court fire in 2003), Mark's proposed tactical intervention approach was deemed UK "best practice"


Mark has acted as technical advisor and consultant to various UK and Worldwide Fire and Rescue Services and the Fire Brigades Union.

  Mark has designed and delivered various, wide ranging training programs within numerious UK FR services. Aimed at both Fire fighters and Incident Commander, taking them to various risk premisses and educating them in the risk identification and application of suitable intervention tactics.


He is an invited guest speaker and comentator for a range of organisations and conference, including the BBC and the IFE,


Since retirement from the Fire service he has taken the role of Chairman of the TallBuildingsfiresafety network; Firefighting comittee.



Currently Mark is the co-owner and director of a Global Risk and Resiliance company.called Resilient and Ready Ltd.  He acts as a Senior manager and Lead Consultant, advising multinational businesses on Resiliance, ,Emergency Management, Fire and Response.



Mark Fishlock