Below floor nozzles (Branches)
HIGH-RISE Fire Fighting
  Developing better responses to fires in tower bocks and high-rise buildings




The below floor nozzle as a fire fighting tool is a recent development and is potential usage is only just being explored in the UK and Europe.

Developed in the USA it extols the concept of introducing water into the fire compartment without firefighters entering, and thus affecting the ventilation characteristics. Most importantly it may help lessen the impact of a wind driven (high energy release rate) fire.

There are currently two "Floor below" nozzle systems.

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Eagle Hi-Rise Nozzle

From their web site:

" The Eagle Hi-Rise Nozzle was designed and patented ( Pat. No. 6035940) in 1998 and is the first HRN specifically designed to combat Wind Driven Fires. It is Light, Compact, and delivers Large Caliber Stream type volumes when called upon. It has superior fire penetration characteristics and can be deployed in a variety of different ways. Over the years it has been dynamically improved with regards to versatility and ease of use. Today it not only is the best and most cost effective Hi-Rise Nozzle on the market, it also will fill your Departments needs for Cellar and Attic Nozzles"


Hero Pipe (TM) Elkhart Brass



Smooth Bore (Solid jet)




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