HIGH-RISE Fire Fighting
  Developing better responses to fires in tower bocks and high-rise buildings.


Breaking In Equipment.


  Ram High rise fire Breaking in High rise fire   door opener high rise fire

Compartment entry must be well controlled. If at all possible the integrity of the door and door frame should be maintained.Crews MUST be well practiced in door opening techniques, and be ready to carry out a quick controlled retreat should the conditions in the compartment overwhelm the level of attack they can sustain.





A line or strop attached to the door prior to opening will enable rapid closure if required. Crews must be fully prepared for a high energy fire that can quickly advance towards them.


An ideal setup is the Halligan Tool and an Axe, known in the USA as a 'set of Irons' UK firefighters must be fully conversant in the use of a set of irons before they attempt to use them.



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